Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pigou v. Coase

In case you are interested - here is a list of some pretty darn good economists who support Pigouvian taxes.

See you all tomorrow.


Hartley said...

I think that Arnold is doing a great thing. It is very true that the US is too dependant upon foreign oil, mostly due to the lack of natural resources that the US has for crude oil. The US is also lagging in finding alternative sources of energy compared with other major countries such as France and Great Britain. Arnold has set standards higher with a 10% reduction in emissions, but I think this might be a lofty goal. Citizens are very reliant on their cars and may find it hard to switch to alternative transportation (such as walking or subways/buses). I hope that they will reach their goal and think other states will start passing similar policies.

Kris Brake said...

This is interesting, but I am not sold on the fact that Pigouvian taxes would help with the federal deficit. Higher taxes may lead to less consumption and therefore lead to lower tax incomes of the government.