Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome back Econ 255 Students. I look forward to getting to know each of you this semester and in order to facilitate the process I would like you to answer the following questions for me.

1 - Why are you taking Econ 255?
2 - What do you plan to bring to the class?
3 - What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the term?

Thanks, Jim


Katie said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I've never taken any environmentally related course at W&L and I thought this was a unique way to explore such subject matter.
2. I am a politics major so perhaps I can provide a different perspective to our economic discussions.
3. I hope to be able to apply my economic knowledge to more "scientific" issues, in turn using this knowledge to inform my desired career path of public policy.

boehlinga10 said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I have had Marine Resource Econ and Development Econ already, and I enjoyed those classes. The health of our environment and "green" movement are both hot topics in politics and the media, so this course will allow me to understand some of the economics behind these issues. This seems like the final piece of the development/environment economics puzzle.
2. As I stated, I have taken some relevant economics courses already, so hopefully I will be able to contribute to our daily discussions. I have also taken Environmental Studies which may be useful.
3. By taking this course, hopefully I will be able to better understand some of the policies in place that deal with our environment and natural resources. I also hope this furthers my interest in Environmental Economics because it is a potential career path I may pursue.

Stevenson said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I feel the course offers a unique look into understanding the role of natural resources as they pertain to policy decisions and today's environmental issues.
2. As a Geology and Environmental Studies double major, I hope to contribute a more scientific approach in analyzing and understanding the subject matter of the course.
3. By the end of the term I also hope to increase my understanding of current economic policy regarding natural resources.

James said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I believe it will offer a unique perspective on economics. Also, it will be interesting to take a course that covers some very provocative and important political issues.

2. I hope to bring a fresh perspective and to contribute to class discussions. I stay up to date with politics and look forward to discussing different policies and solutions.

3. I would like to have a greater understanding of environmental economics and become familiar with the leading scientists in the field.

Ned said...

1. I'm taking the class mainly to fulfill a requirement for my Environmental Studies major, but I also find myself unable to come to reasonable conclusions on environmental issues because I don't fully understand their economic sides.
2. I've was very lucky in getting an internship with NOAA last summer on the Chesapeake Bay. With this, I hope to bring a unique perspective on local resources and emerging policy in the watershed.
3. I hope I will think about conservation and resource use in a way that is not strictly science based. That is, I want to be able to use economics to support or oppose policy.

Blair said...

1 - I am talking econ 255 to fulfill the requirement for the environmental studies minor. But I also think it will be interesting to learn about the problems and issues involved with putting an economic value on natural resources.
2 - As a business major I hope to be able to contribute to the financing and marketing problems businesses and countries face.
3 - I hope to get a better understanding of how natural resources are priced and what policies can be enforced to help alleviate the current environmental problems.

Tara said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I think that climate change and environmental economics is an important subject in today's world. As a Business major, I feel that I do not know as much as I probably should about climate change, especially considering how integral it is to the business world and how its impact is expected to expand.
2. After taking Development Economics, I can understand climate change in terms of its impact on the developing world. I hope to expand upon that knowledge in this course and bring some of that into the discussion.
3. By the end of the term, I hope to understand where climate change is heading, what steps politicians can and are making to preserve the environment and also how that will impact markets.

Taylor said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I think the subject matter is vital to our continued economic development today and the class counts towards my environmental studies minor. It is difficult to place monetary value on externalities in the environment and hopefully this class will help me to better comprehend the economics of environmental issues.
2. I have taken some environmental classes at W and L and hopefully I can apply the outlook I've developed from those classes to Econ 255.
3. By the end of the term I hope to understand the economics of our current environmental problems and to have an understanding of some possible solutions to these issues.

Andrew said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I have never taken an environmental studies course, and I thought the mixture of the environment and economics would be an interesting way to explore the subject.
2. Over the summer I worked as an intern for an environmental institute in England, so hopefully I can share some of those experiences as well as my perspective from my business major.
3. I hope to learn more about the environment and its relation to economics as well as further my knowledge of environmental issues facing us today.

Victor said...

1) I am taking Econ 255 because I suppose that one of the major questions that aware the entire world is environment and its issues. Moreover, learn how to interpret this issues through a quantitative way would be unique to interpret world issues itself;

2) I am major in Oil Engineering so if think that I can bring to class some background in environmental issues about oil industry;

3) I wish to be able to enquire the greenhouse gases emission issues related to oil and gas industry by an enviromental econmony point of view. Thus, achive a critical view about it.

Robert said...

1. I am taking ECON 255 because it works towards my environmental studies program, and because it relates directly to my previous work experiences and futures plans in sustainable business.

2. I will bring a knowledge of Carbon Markets. I have worked as a Sustainability Analyst for an environmental consulting firm.

3. I want a greater understanding of how to quantify and assign marketable values to natural resources beyond just carbon.

oldman4president said...
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oldman4president said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I am interested in environmental issues and find economics a helpful tool toward understanding environmental policy and because my economics capstone deals with environmental economics. While I took an environmental economics course over the summer, it did not cover any natural resource economics, and this class seems to cover them together and how they interrelate.
2. I bring to the class an decent undergraduate base in economic theory, previous experience in environmental studies, and curiosity and enthusiasm for thinking about the subject.
3. I hope to have a stronger understanding of the relative effectiveness of different policies at addressing different environmental and resource issues. I hope to have a better ability to ask good questions about environmental and resource economics.

-Ben Stutts

Michael said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I see environmental economics as a major field for the future with massive potential for growth. I would like to have a basic level of knowledge to be able to tap into this field and maybe find employment with a green energy company.
2. I bring global travel experience to several nations that have done much to increase their environmental standards. I am a citizen of the Netherlands, where wind energy is a major source of the nation's power. I studied in Denmark, which has a similar strategy. I have also traveled extensively throughout the EU and Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil. I enjoy speaking of what I have learned through these experiences and what we can do to try and find a common ground that is best for society as a whole.
3. By the end of the term, I hope to be able to better discuss and understand how markets can affect environmental standards and perhaps begin to make up my own mind as to what the best course of action is for the future of the environment.

Jeremy said...

1. I continuously heard complaints of how high gas prices and different plans to stop drilling in the United States can hurt the economy. Being an advocate for the environment, I wanted to learn the exact effects these can have on the economy and the environment without too much rhetoric and political jargon.
2. I try to stay up to date on recent policies and economic issues, so hopefully I can bring up new and interesting ones that I stumble across..
3. I am an economics major, so hopefully this course will help my understanding of economics from a standpoint that I have never studied in depth.

Chas said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I am an econ major and I am planning to minor in environmental studies. I enjoyed Env 110 and am interested in integrating the study of the economics and the environment.
2. I have taken Env 110 and have a some knowledge regarding many environmental issues. I am willing to participate in class discussions and voice my opinions when I feel I have something to add to the discussion.
3. I hope to develop an opinion regarding all of the relevant economic issues such as global warming and energy consumption and evidence to support my opinion.

Caroline Martinet said...

1) I really enjoy taking economics courses that don't cover traditional economics topics. So this class appealed to me because most wouldn't think that issues with the environment could be figured out coming from an economics point of view. I'm very interested in learning about how the two fields clash and also work together.

2) I am an economics major and have also taken a chemistry class at W&L where we talked about what causes lots of environmental issues such as acid rain, erosion, etc, so I have some knowledge on what causes environmental issues.

3) I want to understand what fiscal policies work in terms of helping the environment and which ones are ineffective. I want to be able to get a good understanding of how the two worlds can be balanced.

Rosemary said...

1 - Why are you taking Econ 255?
Three reasons: (1) it will be a good precursor to the course I will take from Professor Kahn in Brazil during spring term. (2) I’m interested in increasing my knowledge of current environmental issues. (3) it’s a requirement for my Environmental Studies major.
2 - What do you plan to bring to the class?
I’m from Beaumont, Texas, where the economy is driven by the chemical plants; it's also a half hour drive north of the Gulf. I’m also familiar with the concept of owning land versus owning mineral rights as the company that owns the mineral rights to my family’s 80 acre plot of pine forest has cleared a significant area to start pumping for natural gas. I’m also the Public Relations officer of the W&L Student organization SEAL.
3 - What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the term?
I hope to gain the confidence to discuss relevant current issues concerning the environment in a way that proves to my dad that studying environmental studies is not simply majoring in tree hugging.

Jarrett W. Brotzman said...
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Jarrett W. Brotzman said...

1. I'm taking Econ 255 because I enjoyed hanging out with professor Casey last term and thought it would be fun again. I also haven't taken any environmental studies courses, and thought this would be interesting and applicable given the current political environment.

2. As an Econ major, I have taken classes such as Econ of the Middle East and Development Econ. I also am an American Government major, so I hope to bring an understanding of the legislative process to discussions on legislation.

3. I hope to be better informed on the tradeoffs of any environmental legislation after this class.

Jarrett Smith said...

1. After taking Environmental Studies and the Environmental Services course I think I'll at least minor in Environmental Studies with my Econ major. This course fulfills requirements for both.

2. I worked on a local organic farm for Env Services, so I plan on sharing knowledge of the econmic issues preventing environmental benifits in the agricultural industry.

3. I hope to learn more about possible solutions to major environmental issues and be able to thougtfully debate with others about those issues.

andrewsl11 said...

1) I am taking Econ 255 because I am interested in environmental economics, an interest that was sparked when first taking Marine Resource Economics in the spring of 2009, and furthered in Developmental Economics in the fall of 2009. Also, the popularity of the green movement in today's media and culture makes me want to understand an economic approach to these issues even more.

2) I hope to contribute to the class by being active in discussions. I have taken some relevant coursework and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors; I have seem some effects of pollution, although mainly in small ways (less fish, less trees, dirty water, etc.)

3) I hope to be able to confidently develop economic incentive based solutions to environmental issues, and be able to back up those solutions with hard evidence. Although, its hard to let evidence get in the way of a good story.

Ben said...

1. I am taking this course as part of my Environmental Studies major. I've taken many courses related to environmental issues, but I think it's important to have a deep understanding of the economic factors which drive many of the changes in our environmental usage patterns. While economic efficiency has been blamed by many for the degradation of our planet, economics will also play a crucial role in protecting the natural environment.

2. I am hoping to bring my environmental knowledge to the class, sharing with those who have not taken many courses in that field. At the same time, those with a background in economics will be better able to shed light on the economic variables.

3. By the end of this course, I hope to be able to develop and defend effective economic policies which conserve, protect and restore the environment, but are also viable and practical. I would like a better understanding of our current environmental policies and their strengths and weaknesses.

Allie Long said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I took Development Economics last term and really enjoyed the environmental issues we learned about. I also haven't taken any environmental studies classes at W&L so I think it would be interesting and useful.
2. I have spent some time working on a student consulting project in Brazil and have learned a lot about deforestation there that I think would be useful in this class.
3. I hope that this class will provide me with a greater understanding of the environmental issues that we face today and the different courses of action that can be taken to improve our situation.

Frank said...

1. I am taking this class because I am interested both in economics and the energy and natural resource industries. I have never taken a similar class and am interested to see how the two subjects are combined and influence one another.
2. I plan to bring some experience from the energy industry, though very limited, and a background in econ being an economics major.
3. I hope to be influenced by the subject and be able to understand the reasoning behind many of the policies that are currently being passed.

Hillary Strasser said...

1. I am taking this class primarily for the Environmental Studies requirement. But also, this class will help me better understand my capstone focus because part of my topic involves water resources in Siberia. I am terrible at conceptualizing economics, and this class will most definitely help me understand.
2. I have lived in several developing countries so have a little different perspective than most students who were raised in the US. Because I have seen first-hand some issues that are specific to the developing world, I will be able to see a different side.
3. I hope to better understand and conceptualize economics, both on a basic level and on a more complex level. I am awful at understanding both the math and graphs behind economic models. They confuse me, so hopefully ill be able to comprehend some by the end of the term. .

Aparajita said...

1. I am taking 255 because I took Prof Casey's Development Econ class and really enjoyed it. In the class we discussed some environmental issues and ways to deal with it, like taxes and subsidies. Motivated by these discussions, I signed up for Environmental Economics as I wanted to learn more about the topic.In the field of economics, Development and Environmental Econ is a much talked about combination at the moment.

2. I could use a combination of my engineering and economics major to contribute to the understanding of the science and economics of environmental economics.

3. I hope to learn more about some of the burning issues in the fielf of Environmental Economics like Climate Change,Carbon Emission. I also hope to see ways to combine development and Environmental Economics.

Roberta said...

I am taking ECON 255 because it is a part of my exchange program and because I`d like to complement my basic knowledge that I had at Brazil.
I`m studing petrolleum engineering, so that I will contribute with a different overview about economics and environmental topics.

Katie Bean said...

1. I think that now, more than ever, is a fitting time to more fully understand environmental issues and their economic effects and seek to discover solutions that can prove beneficial to both the environment and the economy.

2. As an economics major, I will bring background knowledge from other economics courses. And, as far as the environmental issues, I will come with an open mind and hope to contribute a fresh perspective.

3. By the end of the term, I hope to understand how to value natural resources and ecological services and how to effectively address environmental issues with economic solutions, especially policy decisions.

Caitie Haigis said...

1) I'm taking ECON 255 because I'm an accounting major and am also minoring in ENV, and the course seems like a great combination of my interest in business and environmental studies.

2) My background in both business and environmental studies should prove helpful in contributing to class discussions.

3)I've already taken courses that focused on the scientific side of environmental issues, so I hope to develop a greater understanding of the political and economic effects of these issues.

Joe said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I am very interested in the environmental courses at W&L. Also, I want to be more informed on the pressing environmental issues in the news an in politics. Since visiting the Middle East, I have been interested in the oil industry and the use of the worlds natural resources.
2. As and Economics major, I have prior knowledge and will be able to contribute to class discussion.
3. I hope to gain knowledge on the topics so that I am more informed on the environmental issues at hand.

martine10 said...

1. I am taking this course because I took Professor Casey’s Development Econ course last semester and really liked his teaching approach and also the environmental issues that we touched on in the course. I would like to gain a greater understanding in this area of study. Additionally, over winter break I traveled to Israel and was exposed to a lot of green agriculture as well as environmental issues (in particular the scarcity of fresh water) that the country faces and I found it to be very interesting.
2. I can bring the knowledge that I learned in Development Econ as well as my personal experiences from Israel.
3. By the end of this term I hope to have gained a better understanding of the current environmental challenges we face as well as concrete solutions to some of these problems. Additionally, once I complete this course, I will officially be finished with all GE and major requirements and will be ready to graduate. That is very exciting!

mancinia11 said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 because I took an environmental studies class freshman year and found it really interesting. I find the subject matter of Econ 255 interesting and think that it is important to think about the environment and problems from an economic perspective.
2. As an economics major I can provide a more economic perspective than a scientific one, but as I mentioned I have taken an environmental studies class as well.
3. What I hope to accomplish by the end of the term is to have a more complete understanding of environmental issues and how to best approach solving them from an economic basis. What interests me most and what I hope I can also understand more is the feasibility of getting businesses to understand the problems the environment is facing and how by changing their ways they can benefit as well.

Tess said...

1. I am taking Econ 255 to fulfill a requirement for the environmental studies major. I also know very little about economics, so I am excited to learn a lot about a new subject for me.
2. I am majoring in environmental studies and geology, so I hope to contribute to class discussions from a scientific point of view.
3. I'm hoping this course will give me a better understanding of the policies behind environmental issues, because like I said before, I currently do not know very much about them.