Saturday, December 08, 2007

Way to go John!!

We all know that John Whitehead is the straw that stirs that Mountaineer drink. Congrats to ASU.


benj fuller said...

I love App. State. I've been fortunate enough to have family in Boone my entire life and the coldest I've ever been was at an App. game. But I loved it.
I can still remember a touch-back saving dive by an App. player on a punt. He threw the ball over his own head, mid-air, to a teammate who did the same when he started slowly tipping over into the end zone. The third guy downed it on the 1 inch line.
I couldn't have been 10 years old but I can still remember it like yesterday.
The most awesome play I've ever seen on any level.

Go Mountaineers!!

REJ said...

Man the App. State quarterback is a beast. Shit, the Panthers mine as well sign him at this point. We got Testaverde who might endorse Viagra and David Carr who rocks the Michael Jackson gloves while throwing.