Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Local Water Issues

Here are the readings for the rest of the semester. Ignore whatever we have on the syllabus and be sure to read each of these carefully.







see you this afternoon.


benj fuller said...

We are going to have to start punching holes in all impervious cover. I volunteer. It would be great stress relief. And outlaw pets all together.

P.S. Thanks for the heads up; I'm never eating shellfish again.

benj fuller said...

P.P.S. I'm never swimming again either. Even in a swimming pool; much less the ocean or public waters.

This class has ruined my life.

Bobby Thomas said...

It is funny as I am an EVS major, and to think that we are going to stop these problems is ridiculous to me. People want to do the better good, but they are going to have their ocean front property and when it comes down to it they don't care if they pollute or not as long as they have that view. It is a nice thought to think that we could clean up our act, but that would honestly mean that our builders would have to build more expensively and smarter and that is not going to happen. I am currently working on a project on the Lockwood Folly River down in Brunswick County where we are taking water samples and measuring the amount of bacteria in the water. There are a few designated place to get oysters in some areas, but as soon as a rain comes they are shut down. This is an area that is just now starting to develop, they say that this area is going to grow some 200 percent in the next 20 years. If the water quality is bad now, how are we going to prevent it or even make it better when there are going to be even more people living on the river.

Jorrdan Combs said...

This reading certainly made me look at some of the things I do on the coast quite differently. At this point, just the thought of swimming in our waters disgusts me! Also, before I was simply infuriated at people who didn't pick up after their dogs because that increased the chances of me stepping in it or having to stop so my dog could sniff it. Now, I'm just completely disgusted by it and have no desire to be swimming with their waste! I don't think we should outlaw pets all together though!!

Will Lewis said...

Responding to Booby Thomas, I think you are right about people acting the same way they always have. Why are people going to change there behavior of building on ocean front property, when they receive all of the benefit, yet bear none of the cost? It all comes down to placing a higher cost on this behavior. Without applying an economic incentive for a behavioral change the future of water quality is looking abysmal.