Thursday, February 15, 2007

International Climate Agreement

What do you make of this?


Anonymous said...

Although there is a definite need for a formal agreement eventually (and ideally soon) the fact that every country seems to be gradually coming on board is a good sign. The countries involved could be huge leaders on the front for solving the global climate change problem--them just getting together to discuss the issue is a promising development!

jordan anderson said...

This sort of international talk has happened before and led to little change in the US. However, if Sen. Lieberman is correct in saying that legislation is forthcoming by the end of the year, then perhaps we really are seeing a shift in belief. Either way, it looks like some progress is being made in universal acceptance of the severity of the situation, if not a little bit late.


sarah tilbor said...

I am still quite skeptical. There have been too many times when one person, or a group of people have put the environment at the forefront of political issues. But, there always seems to be something more pressing, which takes precedence. The war. A White House scandal. A national tradgedy.
I do think that this shows a new initiative that has been absent in the past. And I think that there is promise in the near future. I still think that the change we need is so huge, and the public cannot fathom the extreme situation that we are facing. The HFCV article for Wednesday shows that even if we convert completely to HFCV, the effects are not enough. There needs to be a change in mindset.